2016: Shaping Up To Be Another Progressive Yawnfest

Jul 26, 13 2016: Shaping Up To Be Another Progressive Yawnfest

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By LUKE HAMILTON The next Presidential election is two and a half years away and I’m already over it. Jeb Bush? Really? Chris Christie, youhavetobekiddingme. Marco Rubio, greeaaaaaat. Ted Cruz? Now we’re talking! But if Ted keeps up his assault for liberty, he’ll be lucky if Soros’s Communist Death Squads don’t get to him first. My thumb is already itching to change the channel from the primary debates to Magnum P.I. reruns. It’s looking like I’ll need my industrial-strength clothes pin to put on my nose in the voting booth again. Are Reince Priebus and the rest of the RNC that out of touch? When, if ever, will they get serious about cultivating real conservatives for our races? Why not toss Boehner and Paul Ryan into the Presidential mixer while you’re at it? I understand that it’s a long road and there are plenty of RINOs left to trot out for our consideration, but I’m already getting depressed thinking about Jeb and Christie, hissy-fitting each other while Paul Ryan smirks and strokes his adams apple. Since I know that this column makes its way into the highest echelons of GOP leadership, here are a few suggestions from the worker bees. Here’s what we want in a candidate: Read more: http://clashdaily.com/2013/07/2016-shaping-up-to-be-another-progressive-yawnfest/#ixzz2a9EtWZJq  Get more Clash on ClashDaily.com, Facebook, Twitter,...

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SOTU – The Uncommon Response

Jan 26, 11 SOTU – The Uncommon Response

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I was informed on Tuesday afternoon, that I had drawn the short straw and had been nominated to watch our President’s State of the Union address last night.  After profuse thanks to the bearer of that good news (thanks Parson!!), I grabbed my pad and pen in order to bring you the Uncommon Show’s response to the SOTU. If you haven’t seen the speech, here it is: Let me say that my first reaction is: We did it.  By “we” I mean Tea Party Patriots across the nation and by “it” I mean we forced our planks and platform into the national dialog.  Now the President isn’t going to change his stripes, but one thing was readily apparent.  They aren’t dismissing us anymore.  Our messages of fiscal responsibility, cutting taxes, and American Exceptionalism have been heard loud and clear all the way to the White House.  In actuality, this means nothing because I don’t believe for a second that President Obama really believes America is exceptional (remember he wanted to “fundamentally transform” her, and you don’t fundamentally transform something that is exceptional) or that he wants to cut taxes.  He was paying lip service to us, but it’s a sign that he has been forced to take us seriously after last fall’s elections and he acknowledges our impact on the national dialog. I’ll give my reactions in a live-blog/quick-hit format. I thought it was interesting that some of the state delegations were sitting together (i.e. Arizona’s Congressional delegation sat together).  This hearkens back to the way things were in the olden days when our nation was just being born.  I kind of like it, although I feel bad for Mark Kirk.  I wouldn’t want to sit by Dick Turban either. The President came in loose, confident, and a little smug.  For the most part, he maintained this demeanor throughout.  Not nearly as pedantic as last year when he lectured the Supreme Court.  Notably Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito were not in attendance. The overarching theme of...

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R.I.P. Golden State

Dec 13, 10 R.I.P. Golden State

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Oh, California.  You’ve been on the brink of madness for years, but methinks you’ve finally fallen off your fulcrum.  Progressivism has deep roots in California and we’re now seeing the rotten blossoms of this pernicious ideology.  For those unfamiliar with the term, Progressivism is defined by Wikipedia as “a political attitude favoring or advocating changes or reform through governmental action.”  It is part of the long history of innocuous-sounding phrases which the Left uses to couch its more detrimental ideologies (see “choice”, “diversity”, and “tolerance”). How that translates for you and I is the exponential increase of GOVERNMENT REGULATION.  Progressives don’t trust you to make decisions on your own, or I should say that they don’t trust that you’ll make the decision that they want you to make.  So they use regulation to ensure that you will make the CORRECT (read: their preferred) decision.  This is an anti-American ideology and is unarguably harmful to our nation’s guaranteed rights.  One of the many beautiful things about America is that we are free to act and express ourselves as we see fit, provided we don’t trespass on the rights of our neighbors.  I am free to do the Chicken Dance in my own yard 24 hours a day, if I see fit.  The only way anyone should be able to force me to stop is if my dancing is infringing on their rights, like if my music is too loud or I’m trampling someone’s flowers on their property for example.  Incrementally, we have had our rights and freedoms eroded in this country, most often under the guise of it being “best for the community”.  The Progressive mindset is an alluring temptress, I must admit.  We can all probably think of times when we were sufficiently annoyed at the actions of someone and thought “I wish someone would write a law and throw that idiot in jail!”  We like to think that our way is the best way and therefore everyone else should be following it. We see the fruit of Progressivism in the UK and Europe.  Britain...

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The enemy of an enemy. . .

Dec 08, 10 The enemy of an enemy. . .

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Just reading today about some of the links between the Nazis and the early Pan-Arabist movement. The ties are clear and pretty well-documented. After all, the word Iran translates to Aryan in English. I was interested to learn how far back the ties started. One of the main collaborators was Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and one of the PLO’s ancestors. This is the man whom Yasser Arafat referred to as his mentor and his guide. He was one of the first despots to seek a unified Arab presence (Pan-Arabist), which could be used to drive the Jews from the region. He was appointed Grand Mufti in 1921 and by the end of the 1930s he had effectively silenced any moderate Arab opinions in the territory of Palestine. In the 1940s, the Mufti traveled to Rome and Berlin, offering the services of the Arab nation to the war effort with the stipulation that they “recognize in principle the unity, independence, and sovereignty of an Arab state of a Fascist nature, including Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and Trans-Jordan (Jordan).” (1) In October 1941, the Nazi government issued a communication from Berlin in which they promised to help in the “elimination of the Jewish National Home in Palestine.” (2) After a personal meeting with Hitler, the Mufti began to work even more feverishly on behalf of the Nazi regime, even appearing on radio broadcasts to make his pleas heard: “If, God forbid, England should be victorious, the Jews would dominate the world. England and her allies would deny the Arabs any freedom and independence, would strike the Arab fatherland to its heart, and would tear away parts of it to form a Jewish country whose ambition would not be limited to Palestine but would extend to other Arab countries. . . But if on the other contrary, England loses and its allies are defeated, the Jewish question, which for us constitutes the greater danger, would finally be resolved.” (3) But even this exhortation and bald-faced anti-semitism pales in...

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Why Helen Thomas is a moron

Jun 07, 10 Why Helen Thomas is a moron

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You might have heard this weekend about former White House columnist Helen Thomas’ recent answer to the question “Any comments on Israel?” She replied, “Yeah, tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. . . Remember these people are occupied.” Aside from the obvious anti-Jewish slant of her pronouncement, she is flat wrong. It’s a shame that someone who has called herself a journalist for 50+ years cannot represent the truth correctly. Actually, veritas and journalism aren’t nascent adversaries come to think of it.. The prevalent understanding of the region of “Palestine” is best represented by Yasser Arafat’s description from 1974: “The Jewish invasion began in 1881. . . Palestine was then a verdant area, inhabited mainly by an Arab people in the course of building its life and dynamically enriching its indigenous culture.” The main problem with Mr. Arafat’s quote is that it isn’t founded in fact or historical accuracy. (65 years before the “Jewish Invasion”) “As throughout the greater portion of Palestine, the ruined portion seemed more extensive than that which was inhabited.” – J.S. Buckingham, Travels in Palestine 1821, p. 146 (46 years before the “Jewish Invasion”) “Outside the gates of Jerusalem, we saw indeed no living object, heard no living sound. We found the same void, the same silence as we should have found before the entombed gates of Pompeii or Herculaneum. . . a complete, eternal silence reigns in the town, in the highways, in the country . . The tomb of a whole people.” – Alphones de Lamartine, Recollections of the East 1845, p. 268, 308 (14 years before the “Jewish Invasion”) “There is not a solitary village throughout this whole extent – not for thirty miles in either direction. There are two or three small clusters of Bedouin tents, but not a single permanent habitation. One may ride ten miles, hereabouts, and not see ten human beings. . . Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes. Over it broods the spell of a curse what has withered its fields and fettered...

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