by John J Kirkwood The dirty little secret about the Republican candidate for Governor in Illinois is that he’s already governing like an Illinois Democrat. Bruce Rauner, like the prettiest girl in the school, usually gets whatever he wants. What makes him so effective? Republicans are desperate, Bruce is a billionaire, and nothing is as persuasive to a desperate loser as cold hard cash. How does a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual rights candidate, who is cool with amnesty, raising the minimum wage, and “common sense” gun control, get the Republican nomination in Illinois? The Chicago way – he buys it. But what about the tea-party and the values voters? Surely their principle rises above the level of bribery? “Two years ago, Rauner also began making large cash payments to Republican, tea party, and other right-wing groups,” writes William Kelly for ChicagoNow. “In 2008, the same groups stood on hilltops and angrily railed, fists pumping in the air, against “pay to play” politics, Illinois corruption, and anyone connected with the name, ‘Rod Blagojevich.’ However, as soon Bruce Rauner showed up with his checkbook, these groups fell quickly in line. Freedomworks’ Matt Kibbe was among the first to sign-on to Team Rauner. Rauner paid other 501(c)3 groups like the Illinois Policy Institute and Jack Roeser’s Family Taxpayers Foundation more than a half million each and, in return, these groups helped organize his political ground game during the GOP primary.” There are some in the tea-party that just took a check – hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to certain groups while others were conned into a phony “term-limits” fiasco. I guess John McCain will have to revise his slam against the tea-party, In Illinois we don’t have Hobbits – we have the Scottish Lords that betrayed William Wallace. But the Pro-Life groups will remain steadfast, surely they won’t waiver? I wish it were so. “Bruce has been one of the largest supporters of the ACLU Reproductive Rights Project [abortion] for over 20 years,” writes Diana Rauner in...

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William J. Kelly Announces run for Chicago Mayor!

Jun 09, 14 William J. Kelly Announces run for Chicago Mayor!

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William J. Kelly joins the Uncommon Show to rap with the Preacher and the Teacher about his upcoming run against the loathesome Rahm Emanuel and what’s up with Bruce Rauner and the Illinois Republicrats! FOR FULL INTERVIEW – LISTEN...

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Jan Morgan: “The” Armed American Woman

Mar 17, 14 Jan Morgan: “The” Armed American Woman

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              America’s favorite firearms advocate, Jan Morgan, joins the boys to talk about Connecticut registration shenanigans and her latest endeavors to educate, entertain and elucidate the truth of freedom and firearms. LISTEN HERE: Uncommon Interview With Jan Morgan – The Armed American Woman Follow Jan on Facebook at and at her website at...

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INTERVIEW: Pastor James Pittman Jr

Dec 20, 13 INTERVIEW: Pastor James Pittman Jr

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The Parson and the Cleaner sit down with James Pittman Jr, Senior Pastor of New Hope Community Church, Palatine: Click Here to Listen James Lee Pittman Jr. was born and raised in New Orleans, La.  After deepening his walk with Christ his sophomore year of college, he went on to earn a B.S. in Biology from Howard University in Washington, D.C. and subsequently an MDIV from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL.  Following graduation, he worked for ten years as a mental health counselor in psychiatric crisis units at two local hospitals. Since coming to New Hope in 2007, James has served as both elder and Associate Pastor.  In August of 2013 he began serving in the position of Senior Pastor.  Pastor James has been married for 17 years and he and his wife Lena have three boys ages 15, 14, and 10. EMAIL OFFICE(847)...

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R-A-G-E: The Parson’s Four Step Anti-Bullying Campaign

Oct 30, 13 R-A-G-E: The Parson’s Four Step Anti-Bullying Campaign

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R-A-G-E: THE PARSON’S FOUR STEP ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN By John J Kirkwood My first experience with a bully came in the fourth grade and I handled it like most children do – I ran away!  Luckily, father did know best and when mine saw me hoofing it from a group of boys one day, he met me at the front door.  Dad didn’t confront me straight on but he asked me why I was wearing my gym shoes and not my dress shoes.  I had been changing my shoes so that I didn’t slip when I ran across the schoolyard for the past 3 days and my father, watching out the window, had finally noticed.  I couldn’t answer him and just started to cry.  He already knew anyway.  After a few questions, he took me downstairs. “Son, I’m going to teach you a few things and after this lesson, you will never run away again, so listen close.” My older brothers were legendary for their capacity to throw down so he had my undivided attention.  It only took one lesson.  Here’s what it was. Pops showed me four punches – a jab, an overhand right, a left uppercut and a cross.  We worked on this for half an hour or so even to the point of throwing combinations and then we stopped.  He told me that I didn’t have to win; I just had to make a demonstration, a very public demonstration.  He told me that most bullies don’t expect their prey to fight back, that’s the main reason that I was chosen.  He also said that kids at my age don’t usually throw punches, they push and pull and try to wrestle.  “You’re not going to bother with that.  When it comes, swing and don’t stop until someone pulls you off.  If you land a punch or two, don’t slow down to admire your work.”  Then dad prepared my mind.  “Son, first of all I want to talk to you about pain.  When you’re...

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