Uncommon Show Webcast – November 13, 2014


We’re BACK, and you can listen to us on Sticher or watch us on Livestream, so enjoy!

Islam Jihading Into Our National Cathedral – The Parson’s Perfect Solution – The View And The Parson Jonesin’ For Some Whoopi – Discussion On Interstellar In The Light Of Secular Humanism – Starbucks And Transvestites / We Got Yer Jonathan Gruber Right Here – Wait, You’re Too Stupid To Handle Him, Never Mind – The “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown, The UN And The Absurdity That Is Ferguson

Segment #1 on Livestream

Segment #2 on Livestream



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  1. Just got introduced to you just recently when I was lead to an article that you wrote concerning Spurgeon and his smoke and pint. It is refreshing to hear a Christian brother express in real words, life as it really is in the light of God’s word as it really is. I enjoy my, ” somewhat more than occasional”,Nat Sherman” Hanovers and Hobarts. Seeing as how I am Pastor of 150 wonderful people in eastern NC, I don’t do the alcohol thing for the reason of possibility of being called to some emergency with a member and don’t wish to embarrass any of them with an unwanted dui. But I am however, weary sometime of people who are so narrowminded they can look through a keyhole with both eyes open.
    THANKS for the information and the WISDOM!!!-I will be reading more.

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