Uncommon Show Videocast – September 25, 2014

Eric Holder

Another new installment of the ‘Uncommon Show’ is up, and we’re getting this video stuff down to a science! Today we talk Eric Holder, the NFL (#gotbabymama?), Neil deGrasse Tyson, George Bush and ‘Keep Out The Bushes’, some RG3 and other cutting edge topics. We have a great ‘Road Rage’ clip for you, it’s gut busting funny, and those breaks where we just sit there in between segments? We have some great videos for you this week. Enjoy!

Oh, and sorry for not putting the last few week’s worth of videocasts up on the site, it shall be done in the upcoming days, OR, you can always view them on the Uncommon Show Facebook page.

VIEW HERE —> Uncommon Show – September 25, 2014


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