Uncommon Show Webcast – July 17, 2014


Didja miss us? We’re back, badder and bolder than ever, and we’re telling you the way things are and ought to be! What other talk show can give deep insights to Communism AND Slinkys on the same day, I ask you? We take on abuse of presidential power, the innocence of Vladimir Putin, visit an old Obama pal, and get down to the nitty gritty on the current dismal state of the superhero. No one is safe, it’s all up for grabs, and that’s because this is the Uncommon Show..!!

The World’s Falling Apart – Shiny Happies – Indians & Savages – Putin Is Innocent! – Selling To Your Allies Enemies – Obama Has Made Things Really Affordable / Peggy Joseph Has Changed – President Obama Creates Conservatives – Hey Newsmax – Where’s Ted Cruz? / The Ramones – Some Rock History – Talking About Animals – Gavin Newsome Is Not Gay / Chicago Is Pissed At Obama – Is Hillary Viable? / MSNBC Gets Punked – Krystal Ball Is A Moron – Mark Kirk, Too – Harry Reid, Too / Where’d The Rebellion Go? – What Happened To The Fear Of Communism? – Total Diversion Chat / Jonathan Turley Is Worried / Superheroes Are Changing – Thor, Captain America & Archie – We’re Going To Be Regular!




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