Uncommon Show Webcast – June 26, 2014


The mics were running hot today, and the Parson & the Cleaner were melting ’em, baby! We tackle Mississippi, Obama, RINOS and all sorts of cads. The World Cup? Roasted it. Liberals? Torched. Say, anyone up for how NOT to pray? We’ve got that, too! All sorts of things, delivered only as we can, facts and furious..!!

World Cup Crazies – Chris McDaniel vs. Thad Cochran – Laminin / The JB’s – Loser Christian Churches – Eddie Izzard / Jason Mattera vs. Hillary Clinton – FOX News Infobabes / Cleaner Solves The Mystery! – Worst Prayer In Thew World – Other Horrible Prayers / Ambush Time! – 5 Reasons Christian Wives Don’t Want Sex – Marilyn Monroe – Bill Clinton’s Escapades / Mississippi Burning – Chris McDaniel Speaks – Robocall – Brett Favre – Despicable Voting / Scott Walker – Obama’s Children – Jonathan Turley / AC/DC – Trey Gowdy vs. John Koskinen – Alan Colmes Loves Sex – Say Prayers & Listen To Eddie Izzard! (Whole Clip)




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