Uncommon Show Webcast – June 5, 2014


What a show! Oh yeah, we run it down, all down, about this outrageous Bergdahl story, in spades, no one is spared. We talk about the administration what they’ve what we think they’re trying to do, and why it matters. There’s a special interview with our friend William J. Kelly, who has a VERY big announcement for you, too. Gweneth Paltrow? What in the world is wrong with you, lady? All that and a serious, I mean BLISTERING segment regarding Joel Osteen, you just won’t want to miss that!

Ravi Zacharias Is Smart, The Cleaner Is Evil! – Hero Worship – Sensory Deprivation Tanks / Gayness! – Bruce Rauner Is A Reagan Republican! – Advice For Whoopi Goldberg – Gweneth Paltrow Is A Dope / Benedict Arnold & Jay Carney – The Bowe Bergdahl Situation / The Rogue President’s AWFUL Deal – FOX’s James Rosen Rocks – Obama SPEAKS & Lies – Uncommon Interruption! – William J. Kelly Interview – William’s Big Announcement – Rahm Emanuel Talk / Michael deGrasse Tyson – More On Bowe – Chuck Hagel – Susan Rice / Joe Scarborough Goes Nuts, In A Good Way – Marengo Guns / Joel Osteen Is At It Again – Mark Lamont Hill Is Also An Idiot – What Joel Should Have Said – What The Parson Really Thinks Of Joel Osteen





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