Uncommon Show Webcast – May 22, 2014

Buck Doesn't Stop Here

Had enough of the Obama administration yet? If not let us entertain and inform you into reality, then you will! The experiment has been a failure, and this show will tell you why. We talk excuses, failures, silly liberals and the things they say, and many other things. Special guests include William J. Kelly, we discuss the fraud that is Bruce Rauner – a name dividing friends within the Republican Party, and how to deal with it. We also cover the NFL, PC madness and a whole gamut of fun issues, so tune in and check it out!

Opening Monologue – C. Steven Tucker & Ann Coulter – 26 Years – The NFL Is Going Goofy / Rocking Out!! – Terry Crews SPEAKS – John Russel Stanger – LaVar Arrington / LaVar Still On A Roll! – Roger Goodell / Communists Unite In Oakbrook – “Livable Wage” – Obama Is ANGRY, Y’all! / God’s Not Dead Is REALLY Alive! – Dissecting the ANGRY President – Drew Griffin & Kirsten Powers Are Confused / Donovan! – Reis Kash Wrote An Editorial – Evan Sayet & Adam Carolla – Ann Coulter Gets Reamed By Carolla / Phil Robertson Is In Trouble Again – So Is Pat Sajak – The Theory Of Substitution – Rev. Jesse Jackson In 1973 – Rep. Adam Schiff Will Scream Bloody Murder / Uncommon Interview With William J. Kelly – Bruce Rauner, The Non-Democrat Candidate For Illinois Governor – – Chat Rauner, Rahm, Corruption And All Things Political / Aliens Are… …Almost, Definitely, Maybe, Could Be Out There

LaVar Arrington Rant

Kelly for Reform




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