Uncommon Show Special Event – Breaking Expose!


It’s not very often you have a chance to cover what appears to be a serious issue in Illinois politics before it busts wide open, but that’s what we did today at the Uncommon Show!

Questions, so many questions: Who IS Manju Goel, why is she *really* running in the Illinois 8th District, why did so many prominent people endorse her without knowing a thing about her and why are those endorsements now dropping like opponents in a Mike Tyson fight??

Questions: Lt. Col. Larry Kaifesh is a great guy, so why don’t we know more about him? Why isn’t anyone endorsing the Lt. Col.?

We talk to candidate Larry Kaifesh, the head of the Illinois Republican Party Aaron Del Mar and editor for the Daily Herald Jim Slusher and then put the pieces together for you. It’s a clinic on what’s happening while you’re not looking and WHY. Enjoy!

P.S. – We tried to speak with Manju Goel, a rep for her campaign, or anyone who could answer a few questions on her behalf really, but for some odd reason they just couldn’t be bothered…

Larry Kaifesh, Republican Candidate For The 8th Congressional District Of Illinois / Aaron Del Mar, Cook County Republican Chairman – Manju Goel, Innocence Or Deception? / The Daily Herald Pulls Their Endorsement For Manju Goel, Interview With Jim Slusher / Our Wrap up & Commentary On This Issue – Joe Walsh Looks Bad Now, But He’s Not Alone

Larry Kaifesh, Republican Candidate for The 8th Disctrict of Illinois

Aaron Del Mar – Cook County Republican Chairman

Daily Herald Rescinds Manju Goel Endorsement




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