Uncommon Interview With Larry Kaifesh, Candidate for Illinois 8th District!


You just can’t beat Illinois for political shenanigans, and the primaries in 2014 aren’t going to be any exception. We interviewed Lt. Col. Larry Kaifesh, who’s running against a most interesting person in Manju Goel, and he has quite a story to tell. You need to hear it, especially if you live in the 8th District of Illinois, but also if you want to learn how easily drawn into the craziness that is political endorsements without vetting the person you’re endorsing.

Larry’s a great guy, we endorse HIM, and think you should, as well. Yes, there are some good folks out there running for office, ready to serve and serve honorably, so please meet one of them – Lt. Col. Larry Kaifesh!

Larry Kaifesh, Republican Candidate For The 8th Congressional District Of Illinois

Larry Kaifesh for Congress, 8th Congressional District of Illinois




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