Uncommon Show Webcast – March 6, 2014



We’re back after a bit of a break and trust me on this, the show was worth the wait! We talk Putin & Obama, the Son of God, awesome rambling chats of all kinds, have a special visit from our dear friend Pat Robertson, and lay it on hot & heavy with good ol’ American Exceptionalism! Clips and rants galore, uncommon style, so tune in and have a few laughs as the Parson & Cleaner clear your palettes from what has to be an otherwise dreary week of nasty news and other assorted garbage going on in the world! We even share the habits of the kleptomaniacal Pope Francis! (Easy now!) Top of our game today, they way it’d be if we had a daily gig – which we hope might someday happen.

The Pope Is Going To Spend A Little Time In Purgatory – Random Babbling & Cesar Romero’s Mustache – Neal McDonough & American Exceptionalism / Analyzing The Cadillac Commercial – Liberal Heads Explode – What Liberals Hate More Than Anything! / Ronnie Montrose & Town Without Pity – A Presbyterian Mega-Church Has News – John Ortberg / It’s Pat! (Robertson) – Pat’s Advice On Dealing With A previous Transexual Encounter / Ted Cruz – CPAC – Chris Matthews On Ted Cruz – Progressives Are Committed, Christians? Not So Much / Buckley On Atlas Shrugged – The Bird Bible – Son Of God & Roma Downey / The Who & Lyrics – Rick Warren’s Choice – The Daniel Diet – Bible Telling – Deep Insights On The Passion of the Christ vs. The Son of God / Take Me Home Country Roads – Academy Awards – 12 Years A Slave / Dick Durbin’s Bad News – How The Conversation REALLY Went – Talking Ukraine, Obama & Putin / Obama’s Advice On Fainting – 5 Major Accomplishments By The Republicans – A Plug Doug Truax

Neal McDonough Cadillac Commercial

SNL’s Bird Bible


Elected Selected2


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