Uncommon Show Webcast – January 30, 2014



The boys are back, and it is good! The Parson & the Cleaner return to their thrones of all wisdom and good, dissecting, analyzing and ripping apart the lies, half truths and stupidity while praising all things good and morally upright. On the docket? You knew it – the ‘State of the Coup’, the ‘End Times’, galactically stupid college students, the bizarre moral swapping of nations (America & Russia), a little Barack, a little Michelle, and our picks for this year’s Superbowl. There’s also a special segment we included of a chat we had before the show began that we figured as worth your time, hope you enjoy it! See ya next week, and until then stay warm and out of the snow drifts..!!

Bonus Segment – Amusing Ourselves To Death / SOTU & The Grammys / MSLSD – We’re So Sorry! – Someone Is Very Hungry For Money – Choom Gang & Gay Ray / Christians, All Kinds Of Christians – Vladimir Putin, The Christian – Miss South Carolina, Is That You – Broncos & Seahwaks & Our Picks / Roger Godell, Worst Human Being Alive – Peyton Manning, The Christian – Acting Out The Faith – Richard Sherman, AGAIN! / NYU’s Benghazi Program – Miley’s Tweaking & Cleaner Ain’t Swearing – Kanye’s Gold Digger / Breaking News! – White Birds, Black Bird & Blood – Sandra Fluke Is Running! / Jobs, Jobs, Where Are The Jobs? – Republicans Ruin Everything – The 2 Most Dangerous Places In The World – 92% & 38%, Real Numbers –




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