Uncommon Show Webcast – January 9, 2014

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Cleaner enjoying a -18 degree day with a -44 wind chill. January 6, 2014.

Cleaner enjoying a -18 degree day with a -44 wind chill. January 6, 2014.

It’s 2014, we’re back, and ready to rock! We talk the Fat Man and double standards, of course, but the best parts are our interviews with two exceptional gentlemen – Carl Higbie and Wes Walker! Two completely different cats, both with the same mind for freedom and truth. Along with these great men there’s the usual banter and humor that only the Parson & the Cleaner deliver, and speaking of delivering, we deliver a beatdown on one Rick Warren! Don’t miss it, it’s epic, let begin that march down the path that is 2014 together..!!

Happy New Year! Sheila Jackson-Lee, Promise Zones & Stepehn Meyer – Rick Warren Married WHO? / Jimi Page Is 70 – Old Guys & Vocals – Cleaner Is An Instrument of God’s Wrath – The 5 Love Languages – The Parson’s Gifts / Appreciating Good Music – Pitying Liberals – The Fat Man & The Bridge / Uncommon Interview With With Carl Higbie, Part #1 – The Gates Book – Fallujah & Iraq – ROE, Rules Of Engagement – Differences In Worldviews / Interview With Carl Higbie, Part #2 – Talking Carl With Carl Higbie – How To Run An Election In Connecticut – Carl’s Plan & Goal – DONATE TO CARL!! / Uncommon Interview With Wes Walker, Author of ‘Blueprint For Government That Doesn’t Suck’ – Fun With Canada – Wes’s Book – Fans & Doubters / Wes Walker, Part #2 – Talking About The Blueprint – What’s The Deal With Rick Warren, Anyway? / A Farewell, And Our Thoughts About 2014

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