Uncommon Show Webcast – December 19, 2013

1527041_10152084224868360_1742342555_nTwo Ducks


Merry Christmas to you ALL, and we hope that you’ll greatly enjoy our last show of the year. What a year it’s been, too, and what a way to send it off! We devote a great deal of the show to our unashamed Christian Brother Phil Robertson of world famous Duck Dynasty fame, and all the madness that has taken place in just the past 24 hours alone since his A&E suspension. We talk the (other) Messiah, roast a bunch of liberal madness and also say goodbye to a great man. The show is peppered with great stories and a lot of laughs, while it may not be much it’s our gift to you. Again, Merry Christmas, and have a great New Year, as well! – see you in 2014!

The Parsons’ New Book – Phil Robertson & Homosexuality – Annual Card From Sandy / The Real Phil Robertson – Beverly Hillbillies & Modern Gilligan’s Island – More Phil – A& E’s Big Blunder – Camo Sunday / Adam Sandler – The Chanukah Song – More Phil Robertson & Worthless Shepherds – Baba Wawa & the Ducks – Our REAL Messiah! – Putin Has A Change Of Heart / Megyn Kelley Got Into Trouble (Again) – Tim Wise Is Not So Much / Better Call Saul – Christian Aguilera – George Zimmerman’s Flag – Juan Williams Steps In It – Jesus The Moor? / One Tin Soldier Rides Away – Pastor Kenneth ‘The Hutch’ Hutcherson Has Passed / David & Bing Sing Little Drummer Boy – Brian Boitano is GAY? – Pajama Boy – Camille Paglia SPEAKS – Kirsten Powers Is Pro-Life? / Brain On Liberal – MSNBC’s Krystal Ball – “Mincome” – Small Government Marxist! – Happy Birthday Billy! / We Reflect On Christmas – Camouflage Sunday!





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