Uncommon Show Webcast – December 12, 2013

APTOPIX South Africa Mandela Memorial

Another killer entry into the annals of the Uncommon Show! We talk the Mandela funeral debacle, RINOs and a bad budget, all sorts of nasty & crazy politics and what it might mean for 2014. We had a special guest in the studio for a spell, Pastor James Pittman of New Hope Community Church of Palatine, and talked some good doctrine and sound theology. Some of the personal story segments should leave you laughing, and I even got the Parson to play a few of the many “70s R & B Day” jams I picked out. (Of course there was mass resistance, but he always caves, so you get some of the goods!) You’re also going to find out what it’s like being a congressman trying to grill a ridiculously obstinate member of the Obama administration. All in all, a great time awaits you, we hope you enjoy the show!

Embrace The Suck! – The Budget & The Deficit – What Newt Says / Embracing The North Korean System of Justice! / Parson Got Dropped – Bill Elliott, C. Steven Tucker & Sen. Kay Hagen – Reelection / R & B Day! – Mandela’s Funeral – Obama Be Flirtin’!/ Katy Perry Is A WHORE! – Kathleen Sebelius is Evil – Sebelius vs. John Shimkus (R-IL.) – Golden Corral – Daniel Diet / The Worst Cereals – Public Schools – Write Like A Nazi & Write Pro-Choice! / Pop Tarts – Crystal Lake Prostitutes – Top 10 All Time Human Beings – Ramble & Chat/ Interview With Pastor James Pittman, Pt. #1 – Time’s Man of the Year – Vlad Putin – David Green of Hobby Lobby – The Christian Resistance / Pt. #2 – The Push Into Secularism – The Answer / Pt. #3 Self Improvement & Self Love – Prayer of Jabez

The Best Sign Language Guy EVAH!





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  1. Luke’s Indigestion and “Rock ya Baby” bumper went well together! How do we go from roller rink music to 3 Doors Down? Sweet!
    It was a fun and upbeat show, I really enjoyed it and couldn’t stop listening until the guest segment, even then, the pace just changed but our magnanimous hosts tied it all together.

    What did the Parson do to Marvin Gaye? Fantastic voice the Parson has, wow!

    You conservative fellas were hammering down on the floozies of this world. I hope there are more papa bears of this country roaring the way you two do.. I like Taylor too, Cleaner. And dang it! Wikipedia is so full of holes and current secular culture influence it’s not even permissible in school reports, yet we all turn to it for quick brush ups. I learned about the man behind the Corporate Christian Resistance inspiring Pastor Pittman, from Wikipedia generated by a brief Google search, for real! It didn’t do him justice and it’s probably better that way..

    The way the Cleaner puts the war waging here at home is perfect.. We are a Judeo-Christian and a Secular Nation within the same borders, one will dominate.

    May our prayers, supplication and remembrance of the scriptures beget the strength required for the fight.

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