Uncommon Show Webcast – December 5, 2013




We are back, and man were we ever on fire! (Bad news makes for great shows, right?) So yes, we talk ObamaCare and Congress grilling lawyers on constitutional abuses of power – they are real and present. We talk MSNBC and Martin Bashir, we talk about two very different American girls, we praise those needing it and obliterate those deserving of it and, you do not want to miss the last segment. Theological segment par excellance, we know you will enjoy it! Ever wonder if God can lie? Wonder no more, be thou set free! Welcome back to the Uncommon Show, where all you’re going to get is the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth, so help us God. Oh, and yeah, we even talk about the abuse of a woman’s vagina, but don’t let that header fool you, it’s worth the listen, too..!!

Mandela’s Dead, Boo Hoo – We’re BACK! – Obama’s Uncle – Term Limits / The Vagina Monologues – Peter LaBarbera – The Vagina Knitter – Isaiah 64:6 / MSNBC Has A Moment Of Clarity – Martin Bashir & Sarah Palin – Moral decay – LZ Granderson & Lies Harry Reid Is (Not) Honest – The Bunny Ranch Loves ObamaCare – Libertarians – President Obama’s 14,000 / Constitutional Crisis – Trey Gowdy Interrogates Fools – Steve King Interrogates Fools / Nelson Mandela, Not Really A Saint – Embassies & Art – Breakpoint? – The Ultimate Selfie – the Madison Root / Mark Pryor Is A Great Christian – Can God Lie? – God & Limits




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