Uncommon Show Webcast – October 31, 2013



We had an uncommon visitor in our tea party diva and proud patriot friend Carol Ann Parisi! Will the lady tame the beasts? You’ll have to find out! We also talk ObamaCare debacle, some particularly nasty figures on the hot seat, and a notable shift in societal morality – something we called many years ago, but regret being right about. Get yer weekly dose of uncommon insight, so sit back and enjoy the show! Oh, did I mention that Glenn Beck read the Parson’s column? Yeah, it’s all here!

Spying On The Pope? – Special Guest Carol Ann Parisi – Stay Out Of The Bushes / Oprah Winfrey – Dick Durbin & Illinois – Marianne Williamson – New Age & The Deep End Of The Pool / Deep End Of The Pool – Age Of Accountability – King David & His Sons / Google To The Rescue! – Term Limits – Accountability – Third Parties / Uncommon Interview With Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh – Manju Goel – Straightening Out Misconceptions / Witchcraft – Linda Douglas – ObamaCare Debacle – Obama’s Promises – Any Normal People In Obama’s Life? / Joe’s Answer – Marilyn Tavenner & Kathleen Sebelius vs. Congress / Rep. Renee Ellmers vs. Sebelius – SNL Goes Against the Administration / Lou Reed & WDAI – Shemp & His Lover – George Michael & Father Figure – Harvey Milk – Legitimizing Pedophilia – The American Psychological Association – Jeff Beck And, Wait, Glenn Beck!

Carol Ann Parisi’s Awaken America

Joe Walsh’s Website – Walsh Freedom





  1. The Chicago Way: Buying Illinois' 8th Congressional District - […] we [Uncommon Show] interviewed Walsh back in October of last year, I didn’t realize the irony: Joe came on…

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