Glenn Beck Reads The Parson Live On His Show..!!


It’s not everyday that a major power in media picks up your piece, nods his head in agreement with it, and proceeds to share it with tens of millions of his listeners coast to coast. But that’s exactly what happened this morning! Our very own Parson wrote an epic article for Clash Daily, apparently Beck is a fan, and he read it live, loud and proud today. We couldn’t be more proud of John Kirkwood if we tried! Please have a listen and join us in our ‘Uncommon Excitement’!

Glenn Beck Reads The Parson!

John’s Clash Daily article – Godwin’s Law




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    John defined the real fascists and exposed their hearts. He showed there is no new idea, but apparently it changes it coat. Now instead of a military coat decorated in tin we now have coats of faux fur and coats of many colors (rainbow).John’s insight into the heart of man when reflected against the purity of scripture is the reason I attend GGF and the reason I always will.

  2. I have been attending Grace Gospel Center for over 12 years because what comes out of the pulpit is not wishy-washy, manipulating sermons. We have a sold, God loving, fearing pastor and I have learned immensely every Sunday.

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