Uncommon Show Webcast – October 10, 2013


You’ll believe you’re listening to a couple guys who actually had it together today! Yes, we had our clips ready, used them and even analyzed them! There was debt ceiling, government shutdown, special appearances by Arnold throughout, and we even dipped into the past to find some most unusual debt patriots – don’t miss that. There was also a very disturbing matter of one Brian Brooks, a real piece of work from St. Joseph-Oregon, IL. You won’t believe that guy. All that and more, a really sweet bit of socio-political-Christian entertainment for you to enjoy!

37% – Republicans & Democrats, Difference? – Who Do We Save? / Andrea True IS Disco! – Harry Reid Doesn’t Want Anyone Screwing Up – Debt Ceiling / Paradise By Dashboard Light – Donal Trump Mans Up – More Outrage at Brian Brooks of St. Joseph-Ogden High School, IL. / Brian Brooks’ Salary He’s Doing Very Well – Harry Reid & Barack Obama, Debt Patriots! – Arnold SPEAKS! / ObamaCare Website Totally Sucks – MSNBC Shoots, Bricks – CNN Shoots, Bricks – President Obama Shoots, Bricks – Wolf Blitzer Goes Off The Reservation / Debt Limit Spoof / Jack Lew vs. Chris Wallace – Freedoms Eroding Right In Front Of Our Face – BREAKING NEWS – Hen Mazzig & Anti-Semitism On The West Coast / Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) & IRS Sarah Ingraham – Alan Grayson Explains Congress In Terms Of Polls / Russell Crowe Is A Theological Genius! – Noah Is A Bad – Buckley’s Axiom / Guido Barilla – Arnold Says Goodbye…

Hen Mazzig & Anti-Semitism

Demented Principal of St. Joseph-Oregon High School




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