Uncommon Show Webcast – September 26, 2013


Okay, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth we have apparently salvaged a certain amount of the show! We’ll try to reclaim what’s missing in the new show, but what you have below ain’t bad, so enjoy! We toast Bill O’Reilly and praise Ted Cruz (seems ancient now, doesn’t it?), examine a little of this and a little of that and have a whole bunch of fun with our regular banter. Don’t miss the ambush segment at the end, apologies to all, it’s just good clean fun!

A Great Baboon! – A Shout Out To Pastor French – Nancy Speaks – Antonio Is Raging! – Ted Cruz Was Speaking / To Live & Die In L.A. – 1985 – More Ted Cruz – Peter King Rants – Ted Cruz, Statesmanship & Friendly Marine Fire / Ted Cruz Speaks – Green Eggs & Ham – Pirates & Forest Gump – More Cruz Chat / Kiss The O’Reilly Ring – Pastor Robert Jeffress & Father Jonathan Morris – TAXES? – Deconstruction O’Reilly – Indiana Nicholas O’Reilly! – O’Reilly Is Our Savior! – Martin Bashir, More Correct Than O’Reilly / The ‘NOT’ Bible / A Personal Ambush And A Whopper Of A Rambling Chat






  1. All of these articles have saved me a lot of hehedcaas.

  2. John Kirkwood /

    Who is the bigger Baboon? George W. Bush or …

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