Uncommon Show Webcast – October 3, 2013


Great new show, a bit abbreviated, but you’d never know the Parson was feeling blue today! (He totally manned up.) We wax poetically about a lot of things, and analyze a GREAT segment from Bill I’Reilly last night with a Notre Dame professor that’s worth the visit alone. We also spent some time with a special guest – Jan Morgan of Armed America Woman, and talked serious 2nd Amendment issues of our time. By the way, did any of you know what a despicable guy Harry Reid is? If not you will now! That and a whole lot more, hope you enjoy the show!

Opening Monologue – Imagine – I’Reilly – Rush Talks FOX News / Uncommon Interview With Jan Morgan / Hookers, Homecoming Queens and Homeschoolers – The Parson Was Right / Robert Feder – WLS 890 Is Failing? / David Coverdale – Tongue Tattoo / Bill I’Reilly Is A Theological Genius / Candida Moss / Chris Matthews Wants Bill I’Reilly Dead – Harry Reid Is Downright Nasty, He ‘Bashes’ Women Reporters And Hates Kids With Cancer – The Parson Is Down & Out, And We’ll See You Next Week!





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  1. John French /

    I meant to tell you guys week before last and I’m just now getting around to it, I Thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Jan Morgan. There are a number of great folks I’m been exposed to thanks to you guys. Peter Labarbera, Avi Lipkin, Steven Meyer, to name a few. While I knew about him already I can’t neglect to mention Ted Nugent. That was the most awesome interview ever!

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