Uncommon Sho Webcast – September 12, 2013


Today’s show is heavy on the theological end, but not at the expense of our trademark whit and personal brand of self deprecating humor! We lay into the ‘Doctrine of Sincerity’, Richard Dawkins, the AntiChrist (is it Roger Goodell or Putin?) and honor the next Miss America, a special gal from Kansas, and a whole lot more. Great show, insightful and funny, have a great week and we’ll see you next Thursday!

Opening Monologue – Cleaner’s Confession – A Little Bit Of Everything – Miss Kansas – Cleaner & the Dykes With Bikes / Catholics, Pope Francis & the Culture Wars – Heavy Pope Chat – The Doctrine of Sincerity / More Pope Chat – What Will the Catholics Do? – The Prophecy of St. Malachy / Richard Dawkins Hearts Child Junk Touching – Craig James of FOX News Sports & Thomas Roberts of MSNBC / Roger Goodell, the AntiChrist – The Demise of the NFL – The End of the Entrepreneur / Aaaron & Melissa Klein – Sweetcakes – Christian Discrimination / Unchained Melody, The Righteous Brothers – 1,000,000 Muslim March? – Cornell West SPEAKS – Miss Kansas Is Serene – Serenity NOW!


Blaze Article


“It would seem to me that in the first two (questions), what you are most interested in is understanding the Church’s attitude towards those who do not share faith in Jesus. First of all, you ask if the God of the Christians forgives those who do not believe and do not seek faith. Given that – and this is fundamental – God’s mercy has no limits if he who asks for mercy does so in contrition and with a sincere heart, the issue for those who do not believe in God is in obeying their own conscience. In fact, listening and obeying it, means deciding about what is perceived to be good or to be evil. The goodness or the wickedness of our behavior depends on this decision.”




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