Uncommon Show Webcast – August 1, 2013


We were a bit disorganized today at first (we had a special guest in earlier and fell behind), but when we kicked it in it was the goods. You don’t want to miss segments #3 & #4, where you get an interesting theory that may help make sense out of some of the craziness taking place in America today. There’s also a new installment of “It’s Pat!”, a roast of the nasty rep from Texas, Sheila Jackson-Lee, big take on the “phony” NSA & IRS scandals and a host of other good stuff. Kick back and enjoy!

The Biggest Story Of The Week – 20 Questions – Edward Snowden / Sheila Jackson-Lee Is Smart – Flags On Mars – Aunt Esther Or Aunt Jemimah / Tommy Bolin – Prince – National Debt Clock / Peanuts & Viruses – Our Bodies & America As An Organism / The NSA Virus – Controlling Information – Where’s The Parachute? / It’s Pat! – Transgenderds Are Just GREAT With Pat – Chicago Teamsters – “An Atom’s Weight” – President Obama Loves Some Ramadan & Qur’an – Weiner Gets Grilled – The Son Of Perdition Doesn’t Know Trains – Hillary Hearts Christina’s… / CNN Breaking News – Oprah, Ooops, Or Not – Jay Carney, King Of Snark – Illinois Review Talks IRS – Oprah Lost Count – It’s A Sad Day For America





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