2016: Shaping Up To Be Another Progressive Yawnfest



The next Presidential election is two and a half years away and I’m already over it. Jeb Bush? Really? Chris Christie, youhavetobekiddingme. Marco Rubio, greeaaaaaat. Ted Cruz? Now we’re talking! But if Ted keeps up his assault for liberty, he’ll be lucky if Soros’s Communist Death Squads don’t get to him first. My thumb is already itching to change the channel from the primary debates to Magnum P.I. reruns. It’s looking like I’ll need my industrial-strength clothes pin to put on my nose in the voting booth again. Are Reince Priebus and the rest of the RNC that out of touch? When, if ever, will they get serious about cultivating real conservatives for our races? Why not toss Boehner and Paul Ryan into the Presidential mixer while you’re at it?

I understand that it’s a long road and there are plenty of RINOs left to trot out for our consideration, but I’m already getting depressed thinking about Jeb and Christie, hissy-fitting each other while Paul Ryan smirks and strokes his adams apple.

Since I know that this column makes its way into the highest echelons of GOP leadership, here are a few suggestions from the worker bees. Here’s what we want in a candidate:

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