Uncommon Show – July 18, 2013


Back in action, and I bet you can guess what a great deal of the subject matter is all about. yeah, a lot of Trayvon, Zimmerberg (sic) and Miss America, Rachel Jeantel. Pastor John French came to pay us a visit, and we had some interesting immigration/amnesty chat, too. We heard that the Black Panthers were acting up, so we gave them the mic for a bit, you can never go wrong with those ‘cats’! Oh, and now we all know how to use the word that white people apparently can never say – just sayin’..!!


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Great Intros – M & Ms – George Zimmerman Is A Wimp – What We Would Have Done / Christmas & Birthday Wishes For The Deceased – The Parson Analyzes The Cleaner / An Uncommon Interview With Pastor John French – Real Immigration Chat / Pt. #2 Of Some Uncommon Immigration Chat – Philippians 4:13 – Immigration Stories / Rachel’s Generation – Creepy Ass Cracka – Piers Morgan Is A Real Journalist – The Defense’s Colossal Mistake – The Black Panthers Are Working A A Bounty – “One Million Dollars” – “Mikhail Muhammad”? – George Zimmerberg? – Rounding Up Zimmerman / More Miss America, Rachel Jeantel – “Nigga”? – Rachel’s 3.0 – One Smart Cookie! / Chris Matthews Is So, So, Sorry, Y’all – Satanist Stories – A Liberal Converts, Literally




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