Uncommon Show Webcast – July 11, 2013


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Cleaner’s Depressed – Illinois Finally Notices The 2nd Amendment – Some Thoughts On Illinois / The Parson’s Foot Problems – Pat Robertson Strikes Again! – Dealing With Infidelity – Pat Goes A Wandering / Discussing Pat’s Errors – Bridges Of Madison County – It’s Not His Face He Wants Touched / The Cambrian Explosion Of Rock Music – Time Capsules – British Invasion – Making Stars / Jurassic Park – Playing God – Cleaner’s Dream – Piece By Amino Acid / Born That Way? – You’re Having A Lesbian! – Born Everything! – Lock ‘Em Up / Man, Soccer Is VIOLENT – Hernandez Good, Zimmerman Bad / Making Righteous Cakes – Cleaner & Parson Have A Cake Catalogue / 2nd Timothy 3:1-4, The Theological Definition of Liberalism – Summing Up The Trial Of The Century




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  1. Republicanuck /

    He’s a man??? He’s a man??? What the frickin hell???
    He just gave license to violate his vows?

    How is his list not a justification of Muslim Polygamy?
    This guy would need an upgrade to idiot.


    Make. It. Stop.

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