Uncommon Show Webcst – June 20, 2013


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SOMA Or Government? – Basketball Championship Chat – Oh, She-Bron Isn’t So Bad After all? / What Would It Take? Truth Is Truth, How Can You Turn From It? – ET, Real Aliens & Ezekiel – Crystal Skulls & Stephen Meyer / Parson & Victor Kalashnikov – G8 Summit – Vlad Putin Is The Problem, REALLY? – What About Obama? – Fallen Empires – Lighting Matches & Smoking Cigars / Why Vlad Despises Barack – Talking Without Teleprompters – Barack & Michelle Go Home, To Ireland – Catholics & Protestants Should What? / Passion Of The Purpose Driven Prayer Of Jor-El – Superman – Spoiler Alert! – Super-Chat! / Play Don’t Worry Baby!! – Colgate Fairy Salvation – AP Isn’t Getting Info Any More – Ted Cruz – Get Stitcher!! – Exodus International Is History




  1. John French /

    I could not watch ANY movie in that theater without going to sleep. They’ve gone entirely to far with that seating.

    As always, great show guys!

  2. John French /

    It’s a bit embarrassing and I’m not even sure I want to mention it. But just to back up your observation… When Obama was re-elected I had to start taking BP meds again. I kid you not. It’s a bit embarrassing, but true.

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