Uncommon Show Webcast – June 13, 2013




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The Glenn Beck Situation – Steigwood! / A Side By Side Comparison – What Glenn Thinks Happened – Glenn’s ‘Quiet Voice’ / Robzilla’s Situation – Bob The Tomato / Emmalyn Bercovitch Wants To Be My FacePal – Nutters On Your Wall – Proverbs – Unmasking Superman – Nutter Whispering / Superman = Jesus Christ? – The Passion Of The Purpose Driven Prayer Of Jor-El – Who Created Superman? – 20 Reasons Why Superman Is Christ? / War With Syria Is Imminent – UK Man Is Really Upset With His Prostitute – Why The Parson Is Distracted / itanimulli.com – Nancy Pelosi Is (Still) Delusional – Rep. Jackie Speier Is Delusional, Too – Prelude And The Green Mile / Lawrence O’Donnell & Patriotism – Arithmetic Is Math? – Ann Coulter BEATS Down Sean Hannity / Military & Morals – Final Thoughts On Superman



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