Uncommon Show Webcast – June 6, 2013

Obama Big Ears

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Thank You, Robzilla – Oceania – It’s Bad Out There – Frank Miller’s Dark Knight & Superman / Johnny Angel – Boy Songs Written By Girls – Lola – The Broadway Story / Adultery – D-Day – Philosophically Speaking… / Lynne Hybels Loves The Darkness – George Soros & Marco Rubio Agree – Criticizing Mega-Churches / The Greatest Actor Of All Time, Tom Hanks – (Caution – Two Strong Words In The Movie Clip That Follows!) Full Retard, Tropic Thunder – Debunking Tom Hanks – Top 25 Actors Of All Time / 25 Best Actresses – A New Scandal – The Dangers Of Digital Information – Balancing The 1st Amendment – Cleaner’s Rant / Deborah & Dark Knight Awards – Becky Gerritson – Paul Ryan Beats Down Rep. Jim McDermott – Rep. Mike Bridenstine / The New York Times Delivers A Body Blow – Martin Bashir Goes Off The Rails – Lawrencium 103 / Roy Costner IV – Christianity Is The Counter-Culture – Vladimir Putin Has Bad News – Baltimore Raven’s Lineman Matt Walks The Walk – Handing The Ball Off To Renaldus Maxium, The Great D-Day Speech (A Little Long Bit Give It As Much As You Can)




  1. I think I feel an UnCommon Contest coming on…

  2. Dudes! Do the following female songs written about men not count?

    “Bobby McGee” – Janis Joplin
    “You make me feel like a natural woman” – Carol King version
    “Nobody does it better” – Carly Simon
    “Magic Man” – Heart
    “Love Sneakin’ Up on You” – Bonnie Rait
    “I’m over my head” – Fleetwood Mac
    “Dreams” – Fleetwood Mac
    “Kiss Me”- Sixpence None the Richer
    “We Belong” – Pat Benetar
    “Strong Enough” – Sheryl Crow

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