Uncommon Show Webcast – April 4, 2013



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The Parson Starts Off With A Rant – French Burka Protesters – Pat Robertson Covers For David Petraeus – Propinquity! / Pat Gives Good Marital Advice – Pat Robertson’s Co-Host Is… – The Producer Protects Jack Van Impy! / Finishing Up Pat Robertson – Roger Ebert Is Dead – The Billy Graham Rule / Kim Jong Un – Is It Just Bluster? – The Parson’s Dells Experience / Marilyn Manson – The Cleaner’s Rant / The Flight of the Conchords – Bill Maher’s Moment of Clarity – Jeremy Irons Weighs In – Health Care Ramifications / Sen. Mark Kirk – Evolving Political Hacks – Same Sex Marriage / Game Over Man!! – Adam Lanza – President Obama On Gun Control – Rep. Diana DeGette / Sen. Bill Nelson Evolves! – TWEDS & Pinatas / The Pathetic Furs – One More Nutter Segment – Bill O’Reilly Is Nuts – Bill vs. Laura Ingraham – Bible Thumper Isn’t Bible Thumping! – Thoughts Of Others – Dennis Miller – Michelle Obama, Single Mom / Pat Robertson On Alzheimer’s & Divorce – Finale Week, The Bible, Walking Dead & Justified



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