Uncommon Show Webcast – March 21, 2013



***If you are having difficulty playing the show; right click on segment and ‘open link in new window.’ That way you will be able to control what you listen to and be able to go back and listen to whatever portion you like once again***

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Aurelio’s Pleased The Parson! – Gluten? – The Watchman, Avi Lipkin – The Bible & Bill O’Reilly / Yup, O’Reilly Really Did Say That! – The Year Zero – Why Ted Baxter Has High Ratings / Ben Carson Is Great, Right? – CVS & Health Care & Bela Lugosi – Shape Shifting Jews? – The Zionist Cabal! / Cuttin’ It Short – Charlie Rangel Is A GENIUS! – MILLIONS Of Kids Being Killed By Assault Weapons



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