Uncommon Interview With The Watchman, Avi Lipkin!



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Uncommon Interview With Avi Lipkin, Part #1 – Obama & Arafat – What The Palestinians Really Want – Digetsting The Muslim Hate Towards Israel – What Was Bibi REALLY Thinking When Obama Was Visiting? – Avi’s Take On Isaiah 19 & Ezekiel 29 – Avi’s New Book, ‘Return To Mecca’ / Avi Lipkin, Part #2 – How Will Israel Survive The Current American Administration? – Avi Lipkin’s New Israeli Political Party, The Bible Bloc Party – Dealing With The Iranians – The Differences Between Sunnis & Shiites – Interpreting Genesis 16:11 & 12 – Minarets – Why Synagogues Shy Away From Avi – The Coming Islamic Planned Holocaust In America – Avi’s New Israeli Political Party, The Bible Bloc





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