Uncommon Show Webcast – March 14, 2013


556813_547988378579919_248924569_n***If you are having difficulty playing the show; right click on segment and ‘open link in new window.’ That way you will be able to control what you listen to and be able to go back and listen to whatever portion you like once again***

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A Message For A Dear Friend, Jim Hoekstra, aka Artskoe / Good News, They Found God! – Particles & Bacteria – Playboy – The Simple Wisdom Of A John French & The Bold & Brash Faith Of Bradlee Dean – We Have A New Pope / Gary Bauer Got His @$$ Handed To Him By The Evangelicals – Why We Need The Catholics To Be Strong – The Pope’s Stones/ 2nd Amendment Sunday – Ooops, We Interrupt This Segment To Talk Football – More 2nd Amendment Sunday Coming /Interview With Pastor John French Of Community Baptist Church in ‘Mars’ Hill Texas – 2nd Amendment Sunday – Pastor French Reads His Letter – Whacky Liberals & the New Pope / Uncommon Interview With Bradlee Dean – Brad’s Background – What Is Love? – Spanish River High School Debacle / Jamming! – More Spanish River & Gay Mafia Attack – The Price Of Freedom – Friction / Cleaner’s Been BANNED..!! – Some Good News – What Makes Liberals & Shiny Happy Christians Tick? – The Race Card & The Gospel Card – The Real Figures In The Bible / Shiny Happys – The Pentagon Of Character & Conduct /Please, Thank You, I’m Sorry, I Don’t Know & I was Wrong / Brain On Liberal – Joe Biden Being Joe Biden – A Garden Variety Slap – Types Of Beatdowns – A Shout Out To Longshanks



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