Uncommon Show Webcast – March 7, 2013


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Mr. Paul Went To Washington – Paul’s Filibuster – Ted Cruz Drops In – Obama’s Dinner Invite / Marco Rubio Plays With The Big Kids – Rap Names – Nutters Doing The Heavy Lifting? / Beating The Left – John McCain SPEAKS – Lindsey Graham SPEAKS – Eric Holder Concedes / Yale’s Gone NUTS – The History Channel’s The Bible / Dennis Rodman Hearts Kim Jong Un – North Korea vs. South Korea – The Master / Uncommon Show Interview With Doug Giles, Pt. #1 – Gregg Allman & Tim Tebow – Passing The Smell Test – Rand Steals The Day – The Sandy Hook Massacre, Doug’s New Book – James O’Keefe Strikes Again! – Understanding The Mind Of The Progressives – Christian Parents Should Allow Their Kids To Play With Guns – The Parson Is Stealing Intellectual Property – Louis Gohmert’s Bill – Chavez Supporters Mourn – Crystal Lake Central Has Problem – Trace Adkins Is REAL Country – The Apprentice / John Brennan Has Been Confirmed – Did Rand Let Us Down? – Hugo’s Replacement, Nicolas Maduro – Mr. Smith Goes To Washington< – Cleaner’s Monologue – James O’Keefe Is At It Again – Obama Hates Seals, Loves Dictators





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