Uncommon Interview With The Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent..!!


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CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Ted on Piers Morgan – The MSM Is Always Prepared To Exploit A Disaster – The Left Has NO Logic – Why You Need More Than 6 Bullets To ‘Take Down A Deer’ – For What The Mayors Really Stand – The Greatest Lick Of All Time – Sgt. Schultz – Prognosis For The Future – Preparing For The Fight – Ted Praises Our Military – What Happened To Gibson Guitars – Ted’s Hunting Experience With Federal Agents – Harassment From The Left – By The Ted DIDN’T Dodge The Draft – What Is Ted’s Answer To The Problems Of Our Nation? – Where Did The Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids Go? – www.tednugent.com – Cheaper Than Dirt & Other Scared Wimps – Steps For Uninitiated Gun Owners – Ted’s Touring Schedule – Abuse Of Power – God Bless America!

Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo - Front (1-2)



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