Uncommon Show Webcast – January 31, 2013


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1. Ray Lewis & Colin Kaepernick – Superbowl Picks – Battle Of The Psalms – Jimmy Kimmel & Lie Witness News – The San Fransisco 79ers

2. Cleaner Is Baffled – GRand Paul’s Bill – Egypt & F-16s – The Vote – The Parson *Is* Chuck Schumer!

3. MSNBC – Karen Finney – An Apology? – Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs & Crackers

4. King Malik Shabazz’s Perfect Job – Rep. Frederica Wilson – Haiti – All Cultures Are NOT Equal! – Joe Biden, GENIUS

5. Death Row Songs – The Last Meal – What Would Really Happen

6. Chuck Hagel Against The Entire World – James Inhofe – Lyndsey Graham – More James Inhofe – John McCain, Too! – “Quagmire”

7. More John McCain Grilling – We’re Leaning Towards No – Gerald Ford Talks Communism!

8. Manti Te’o & Imaginary Lovers – Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

9. “Ask The Parson & The Cleaner” – Advice For Manti Te’o – Bob Menendez Has A Problem, Too – Our Plan For Bob!

10. Shock The Monkey – Islamic Technical Advancement – O’Reilly & Colon Powell – Rush Limbaugh & Marco Rubio

11. What To Look For In Glenn Beck – Libertarian – Third Party? – Erin Burnett – Obama, The Skeet Shooter? – Jay Carney Gets Grilled – Roland Martin – Rep. Marsha Blackburn Challenges The President



  1. Hey, there’s still no denying it. Barry loves his “9”

  2. Artskoe /

    Oh, the transparency of this administration and its worshipers! Please make it stop, someone.

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