Uncommon Sense Webcast – January 24, 2013


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1. President Obama Is Beezelbub! – Andy Stanley – “Pastor In Chief” – More Mayberry, Less Babylon – The Parson Ambushes The Cleaner – ‘The Nutter Whisperer’

2. Shemp Smith… Gets One Right? – Judge Napolitano Weighs In – Shemp’s Homerun

3. Vicious Valentine – 1,456 Days To Go – Filibuster Reform Is Dead – Courageous Hillary SPEAKS – Benghazi Hearings

4. Interview With Navy Seal Carl Higbie – Diane Feinstein Is At It Again – Separation Of Church & State? – Wild Bill SPEAKS! – The Quiet Replacement Of High Ranking Commanders – Will It Pass? – Sandy Sheedy (Again)

5. The Parson’s Sometimer’s – The Cleaner’s Big Adventure – Hunky Jesus On Easter – How The Parson Spent His Wife’s Birthday – Cleaner In Leather

6. Some Sports Chat – The Coven (The View) SPEAKS – Grand Paul! – Uncommon Talk On The 2016 Ticket

7. Joe Biden Talks Guns – What They Want To Take Away Is What We Want Most – More Rand vs. Hillary – Argument ad Emotion

8. A Wicked Nasty Birthday Story – 40th Anniversary Of Roe vs. Wade – Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams – The New Narratives – An Ugly Conversation – Safe, Legal and RARE?

9. Thous Shalt Not “Kill”? – The VERY Rev. Gary Hall – The Pen & The Rifle

10. Teachers’ New Hours – A Nurse & A Corpse – Sam Kinison Brings It Home For Us


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  1. Artskoe /

    Higbie can start a trend. Why not small militias with armed and food storage/prep based in loyal churches offering a helping hand and sanctuary for communities of believers? Most preppers are a family, but a Christian holdup can offer much more, stock more and train as you go. Spiritual needs will be added to the internal services. He said his house will be like the Alamo, only the Alamo was not stocked well enough. Pastors can serve as strategic community outreach, including ham radio scouting. Cleaner, you train the youth and maintain ammo stocks. It’s a start…

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