Uncommon Sense Webcast – January 17, 2013


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1. *Sigh* Another Late Start – Rand Paul – Shawty Lo & His Baby Mamas – Paul / Rubio 2016?

2. Rand Paul & Sean Hannity – The Proper Answer – ObamaPhone Lady – Professor Terguson/Sam Kinnison Teaches Us History

3. Pat Robertson Gives Some Really Awful Marital Advice – Uncommon Marital Advice

4. Brain On Liberal – The Trifecta Of Stupidity; Sandy Sheedy, Bob Schieffer & Toure – Guns Give People A Case of The Crazies!

5. Superstitious – American Idol – Dear Parson & Cleaner – Chunky

6. Marco Rubio – 2nd Amendment – Victor Davis Hanson Agrees With The Cleaner – Talking Immigration Reform & The Creation Of Money

7. Yellow Ledbetter – Oh, Black! – Lawrencium #103 – Lawrence O’Donnell Rants – That Horrible Bible – O’Donnell Gets Away With Something That No One Else On Fox Would Have

8. Ozzy Got Singed – Bill Ayers – Colostomy Powell SPEAKS – Colon… …what?

9. Joe Biden, Master Storyteller – Chuck Todd Tells… …The Truth? – We Interrupt This Segment For A Krispy Kreme Story! – Cleaner’s Last Word; How To Fix America – Don’t Forget The Parson & The Cleaner’s Advice Column!


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