Uncommon Show Webcast – November 8, 2012


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1. This IS The End… – The Full Effect – What Happened, And What Happened To The 12,000,000 Votes? – A Stolen Election?

2. Chris Christie Will Flip – The Parson Predicts! – The Parson’s Clash Daily Column – Obamacare Is Here To Stay – Roe Vs. Wade Is Here to Stay – Amnesty Is Coming – Religious Freedom Is Now Seriously Endangered

3. Evanjellyfish – Greg Gilgoff? – Allen West Is Still In Play –

4. Interview With Carl Higbie – Battle On The Homefront – Carl’s Plan For Restoration – Entitlements – Military Moral

5. What Should The Battle Plan Be For The Next 4 Years? – The Three Torpedoes – Carl May Be Running For Senate

6. **CAVEAT – NSFW*** This Segment Has Real People Talking Like, Well, Like Obama Supporters – They Sure Hate Israel – The Three Obama Stooges

7. Laura Ingraham Vs. Ann Coulter – Battling Outcomes – It’s Over! – It’s NOT Over!

8. More Ingraham & Coulter Cat Fight – Deep Analysis – We Demand A Rematch!

9. The Courtship Of Christie’s Father – “Oh Sam, Oh Mr. Frodo!” – Savannah Guthrie SPEAKS! – Chris Matthews SPEAKS – The New York Post Slams Matthews

10. Classic Rock & Roll – BREAKING NEWS – Voter Fraud – Michael Medved Is A Nice Guy – Want To Know How The Anti-Christ Is Welcomed? – Daniel, Shadrach, Mesach & Abednego



  1. I don’t know about everyone else, but I wouldn’t have any problems listening to those studies. Your internet flock that are too far to attend needs more manna :) Hope you reconsider recording Thursdays again.

  2. John Kirkwood /

    Thursday nights are no longer recorded because we allow group discussions on the Bible Study. If you’re in the neighborhood, join us.

  3. Are there no more Thursday night Bible studies? Haven’t seen one online in over a 2 months…

  4. Can I have one too?

  5. Enjoy your ba-ba (my youngster’s former word for pacifier), Parson.

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