Uncommon Show Webcast – November 1, 2012


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1. It’s Romney Time! – The Whole Load – The Big “Scandal”

2. Joe Being Joe! – Bob Menendez

3. Van Halen – It’s That Simple – Obama’s 2nd Term – We Leave No Man Behind

4. Interview With Navy SEAL Carl Higbie – Battle On The Homefront – Thoughts On Benghazi – Charles & Ty Woods – Explaining The Generals & The Military’s Perspective On Obama

5. Interview With Navy SEAL Carl Higbie – Carl’s Discharge Downgraded From ‘Honorable’ To ‘General’ – www.battleonthehomefront.com – Donation – Big Benghazi Chat

6. Pat Caddell GOES OFF! – Will Romnney Win? – Racists – Final Thoughts

7. ***Caution – This Segment Contains Words That May Offend Certain People, Although We Didn’t Say Any Of Them!*** – Brain On Liberal, Pt. #1 – Moveon.Org made A Video – Cognitive Dissonance – Projection – Obama’s Campaign Tactics – Taking One For The Team

8. Brain On Liberal, Pt. #2 – Lena Dunham’s Idiotic ‘First Time’ Ad For Obama –

9. Pat Caddell Still SPEAKING! – Ron Reagan Jr. – Children Of The Future


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