Uncommon Show Webcast – October 25, 2012


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1. SNL Guys, Their Politics – Kate Upton, Conservative? – Cleaner’s Manopause – What Do We Do On The Evening Of November 6th IF…

2. Kelly Clarkson – Cleaner Might Be Moving – Colin Powell Has Chosen – The Gulf War – Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf – The Scoop On Bill Murray

3. The United Nations Hates Israel – Psalm 2, Psalm 83 – Joel Osteen’s Newly Tailored Messages – The Daybreak Church And Their Special Guest

4. More Bad Music – Ron Jeremy Gets A Pulpit – Osteen’s Salvation Message – Let’s Get To The Getting

5. DW Ulsterman – David Letterman Has A Moment Of Clarity

6. Greta Van Susteren – Charles Krauthammer – Benghazi Chat – Expressing Rage – FOX News, A La Tart

7. Why Barack Obama Will Be Very Scary In His 2nd Term – Gender Gap Is Gone – The Polls – The Parson Is Calling It Right Now! – The Parson’s Excellent Rant

8. The Rolling Stones Are Dead, yet They Live – Joe Biden & Barack Obama Are Very Geographically Confused – WTG Farms – Cinnamon Talks Obama & Romney

9. Only 10% Of The Obama Crowds From 2008 – The Book Of Job – Charles Woods, Father Of Tyrone Woods – Ted Turner, Blathering Imbecile – More Charles Woods, Meeting With Hillary Clinton

10. Brain On Liberal – Thom Hartmann – A Conspiracy!! – The Koch Brothers Strike Again

11. Wanda Jackson – Spicing It Up – Christ Matthews IS Right For Once! – Brian Williams Is Depressed – Sandra Fluke – Mitt Romney Is A Comedian



  1. davesteiger /

    I cry foul!

    I learned my working definition of “mega” from watching Godzilla movies when I as a kid. One of his arch enemies was Megalon, and he certainly wasn’t a million feet tall or a million pounds!!


    On a side note, the word is merely Greek for “great”, or something along those lines, so let’s face it, Post Modernism is KILLING us..!! Now we have to rename all those churches..!!


    Good catch, Dex.


  2. Melvin Poindexter /

    FYI, Mr. biological mathematician,
    The prefix ‘Mega’ means million. So the kind of church you were referring to – Daybreak Church – is a KiloChurch.

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