Uncommon Show Webcast – September 20, 2012


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1. Celebutards Endorse President Obama – We Make Our Endorsement – What The Obama Administration Is All About

2. Gangnam Style – Driving A Volt, Gangnam Style – Joel Osteen Declares – Talking To Soledad

3. Obama Talks Change – More Soledad & Osteen – God’s Wrath & Judgment

4. Whitesnake & David Coverdale – Pritzker & Obama – Obama Calls For A Revolution – Romney Responds

5. What Mitt Should Have Said – Starting From The Bottom Up

6. UFO – Romney Has A Secret Tape! – Obama Loves Himself Some Redistribution – Obama Wants YOU To Have A Shot – Cleaner Diet – Back To Obama – The Shot

7. Cleaner’s Klondike Moment – Crank The Model T – Who Is The 47%? – Peggy Joseph – The Detroit Gals –

8. The Problem With Democrats Calling Themselves Christians – Foundations

9. Savage Brings Us Home – Discussing The Obama Why’s, Wherefore’s and Election Odd – Parting Advice, Courtesy of the Parson & the Cleaner

10. Another Parson Ambush!


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