Choices and Approved Choices!

by Charles Gruenwald

One of the few comments that I reuse on Facebook, is a request for someone to flow chart the logic used by some folks on the left. Many of these requests are the result of videos taken at political ‘rallies’ – for lack of a better word. The Democrats’ National Convention and the protests in Madison, Wisconsin are two places which have proven to be fertile ground. KQTH talk show host, James T. Harris has posted several enlightening videos which illustrate why my requested flow chart cannot be drawn without random forks, loops, and dead ends.

One of his most recent postings, courtesy of Reason TV involves how attendees of the DNC define choice. There is no secret that the Democrat party’s platform includes the supposed fight to protect a woman’s right to choose who comes out of her body – and how, but it appears that this is the limit of free choice.

In the video,’ How Pro-Choice are Democrats,’ several folks were asked about the obvious right-to-choose, versus some subjects that lie in the very gray areas of Progressive ethics, such as right-to-work, buying “bladder buster-sized beverages” at 7-11, and the use of incandescent light bulbs.

In the end, I’d finally realized that there are choices, and then there are approved choices.

All of the people who were interviewed in the video did a predictable job of expressing their joy when asked about their support of a woman’s right to choose. However, when asked if that right to choose extended beyond the uterus, their attitudes shifted toward a certain preachiness that people on the left usually project onto the average pro-lifer.

Needless to say, their defense of opposing choice when it comes to sixty-four ounce Pepsis, incandescent light bulbs, and union representation was sloppy, but only in their holier-than-thou , environmentally-centered world does such preachiness override the obvious contradictions.

The most revered institutions on the left – advanced education, and unions, depend on compulsory membership. The left’s big celebrity cause – and unofficial deity, the environment, is not an organization, but a tool that depends on scare tactics and unquestionable loyalty for Party compliance.

Children are told that they cannot succeed without an advanced education. There is no questioning the validity of this argument regarding the subjects of science and medicine. But, when institutions of higher education prepare their students to fail, by knowingly offering courses and degrees which offer no practical use in any career field, they are not only morally liable by betraying the trust of that student who attended their school in an attempt to better him or herself, but the financial obligations will dictate the rest of the life of that former student.

Unions are a third-party at a business: they tell the rank-and-file just how much their effort is worth, and they tell the employer – who just may be the person or people who built the business, how to operate that business. How many unions were certified to represent the employees at a business, such as a grocery store, car dealer or manufacturer, where the last employees who voted for that union representation retired – or even died generations ago?

Unions depend on forced representation to survive. Forced membership is an obvious contradiction to the concept of choice; imagine the frustration of workers who are told to join an organization, support that organization financially, and then watch that organization support agendas that contradict the worker’s religious and political beliefs. The only other organization that I could think of which depends on forced patronage, is the Mob.

Environmental scare tactics appear to be a contradiction; a conservative is labeled a fear monger by daring to discuss the dangers of the national debt. However, Democrats have no problem using the argument that Republicans want to starve school children and the elderly – and poison their drinking water. A militant liberal is ignored for saving the earth – by setting fire to a Ford Excursion.

After comparing how the ruling elite on the left picks and chooses which choices are choices, and which choice is an approved choice, it appears that the approved choice was reached by following a trail that includes many random forks, loops, and dead ends.


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