A Series of Unfortunate Events: DEMS tell God, Israel and half their delegates to Fluke off

“Analysis kills spontaneity. The grain once ground into flour springs and germinates no more.” – Henri Frederic Amiel

While there were critics of the Clint Eastwood “speech” from both sides of the aisle, it will be the moment that shaped the convention. It will be all that is memorable from an over-handled, pastel Republican infomercial. What both Glenn Beck and John Stewart didn’t understand is why it has resonated with “the folks”?  It wasn’t staged!  That’s right.  The one moment that you would expect to be staged at a political event featuring a Hollywood actor/director was the one moment that didn’t try to soften the edges and round the corners.  There was no teleprompter.  It was refreshing in both its honesty and its simplicity.  Clint Eastwood did something that most career politicians can only dream of; he inspired not only the word of the day but the day itself – “empty-chair day”.

“Eastwooding” landed with full effect on Monday, September 3rd on computer screens, bulletin boards, and gracing the front yards of countless homes and businesses.  The creativity of the participants probably still occupies your inbox and your news feeds. From chairs in golf course sand traps to Karl Marx’s dining room, Clint’s empty chair simulating Mr. Obama’s empty suit, went viral.

Christians and Jews need not apply

“Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are.” – John McLaughlin

There was a spontaneous moment at the Democratic convention as well: the delegates were against God before they were for God.  The Democrat platform forced God and Jerusalem to walk the plank right off their party platform.  I think it’s been the one honest moment of the Democrat Convention and maybe because it was honest, you knew it wouldn’t last.  The heat must have gotten to them because they “Frankened” a fraudulent election right on the floor of the convention. Wait, was that redundant?

Out of the magnanimity of their soul, the Democrat intelligentsia decided to put old “Deus” back into the platform even throwing a bone to His “cup of trembling”- the City of David.  So they “staged” an oral vote to reintroduce the two paragraphs. Normally, I would not use the word “oral” on a night that President Clinton spoke but it turns out that the “nays” may have struck the higher decibel. Which matters very little, because if you go to the tape, the operatives who staged this mockery had already put the result that they desired in the queue of the teleprompter, reducing Antonio Villaraigosa to the level of a magician whose silk kerchief protrudes out of his fake thumb.   So, the party that dismisses voter fraud as a serious issue commits voter fraud for the world to witness, while the Great Oz reads the victorious outcome from a teleprompter to a crescendo of boos.  Half of the Democratic delegation booed God, Israel and their own party’s duplicity.  At least the crowd was honest.

The week preceding this latest outbreak of honesty, Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in a bid to relive the glory days of the Wellstone memorial actually crashed the Republican convention with her sidekick and new liberal mascot, Sandra Fluke. Hey, whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan?

The event was historical in two ways: it was the first time in history that the chairmen of the opposition party defiled the sanctity of their opponents’ convention and also the first time that a pimp and her prostitute left the hotel piano bar to work the “inside” of the convention hall (metaphorically speaking, of course).  Think I’m being “too harsh”?  While Dirty Harry may have inspired empty chair day, Sandra Fluke’s attendance, with a speaker’s slot at the Democrat Convention, has inspired the “slut” vote.  Hundreds of delegates are making the rounds through Bank of America Stadium, proudly displaying a button that reads, “Sluts vote too”.  A touching salute to the new star of the party: a 30 year old woman whose main accomplishment is complaining in front of a congressional committee that contraception is too expensive and Uncle Sam should pick up the $3,000 tab for her promiscuity.

Add to this the absurdity of the statement by Mistress Schultz, that the flock of female speakers at the Republican National Convention was merely “shiny packaging” meant to distract voters. She’d be exactly right if she were speaking of the two latest female supporters of Governor Romney – adult star Jenna Jameson and rapper Nicki Minaj; but the difference between the two parties is that Republicans, although they welcome their support, don’t allow circus acts to speak at their convention.  The “shiny packaging” that “what’s-her-name” Schultz was referring to is a group made up of a former secretary of state, a senator, 3 Governors, 3 congresswomen, a mayor, a former Lieutenant Governor and an attorney general.  Word has it that none have them have ever lobbied congress for condoms, though I’m sure that if Ms. Fluke was in sore need, she could mooch off Jenna Jameson or better yet, share a cigar with the keynote speaker, former President William Jefferson Clinton.


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