Uncommon Sense Webcast – August 30, 2012

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1. Sanity Is Being Restored! – Chris Christie Bunts? – “You’re Killing Me Smalls!” – Paul Ryan’s iPod

2. Paul Ryan Shoots To Thrill – Ann Romney Was Awesome – Ann Coulter – Juan Williams Blows Steam – John Kerry, Corporate Wife – Ann’s Struggles

3. Juan Offends, Same As The Yahoo Bureau Chief – Ann’s Background – When The Levee Breaks

4. Libs Crash The RNC – Our Pics – That’s A Segment?

5. Chris Matthews Goes Deep – Newt Slays Matthews – Uh Oh, Someone Doesn’t Think Obama’s Going To Win – A Different Fat Man Calls It For Mitt Romney

6. Huckabee SPEAKS – Why Evangelicals Should Support The Mormon – Giving, Dependency & Coveting

7. Condoleeza Rice – Mia Love – Paul Ryan – Michael Savage IS PISSED – Condi On U.S. Exceptionalism

8. Cleaner Ambush?



  1. I digged the show this week. Great commentary! Thanks for the order, got it!

  2. Cleaner /

    Hi there,

    We are aware that the show links, much like the current administration, are not responding to the will of the people!

    We will have our engineer Bob look into this Sunday morning and hopefully all will be well.

    In the meantime thanks for your patience!



  3. You’re killing me Smalls… Show is unavailable to download :(

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