Uncommon Sense webcast – July 26, 2012

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1. Thunderstruck – Fun At A Nuclear Power Plant & Viruses – Legalists & Shiny Happys STRIKE!

2. End The Unjust Occupation Of Arab Land! – Talking Israel – The President Who Helped Israel More Than Any Other – Mitt Talks Israel – EPIC FAIL! – John Bolton – Plastic Face

3. More Greta & Bolton – President Obama Has Done More For Israel Than… – Jay Carney Chokes

4. FacePal Crowbar – Talking Olympic Games & Munich 1972 – Bob Costas – Jim McKay – They’re All Gone – One Minute

5. Chick-fil-A – Thomas Menino, Boston Mayor – Muppets Go Rogue – History Of The World – Bort Bort Bort!

6. Mike Huckabee Did Alright By Chick – August 1st, Chick-fil-A Day – Cleaner’s Theory On Homosexuality – Olympic Sexual Discrimination

7. Laguna Hills Gays vs. Chick-fil-A – Ours Is Opening Soon! – Cognitive Dissonance – Rahm Emanuel, The Lousy Jew – Louis Farrakhan To The Rescue! – Louis Talks Mothership With Ted Koppel

8. Farrakhan SPEAKS! – Loves Him Some Scientology – Devil Christians & Satan Jews

9. Who Do You Think Is Better? – Obama Goes Off TOTUS – Tim Geithner SPEAKS

10. Obama Fumbles – Chris Matthews Is Nervous Again – Christian Bale, A Real Dark Knight


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  1. Cleaner /


    The Cleaner apologizes for combing disgraced former congressional rep Anthony Weiner with now being disgraced Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. It’s Weiner who is married to Muslim Brotherhood connected Huma (Hillary Clinton’s aide), not Mayor Emanuel.

    Apparently these two are so similar in their liberalness it’s now become somewhat difficult to tell them apart!

    Anyway, there was something strange about yesterday, I was even combining our awesome selection of AC/DC tunes, too! Perhaps the Parson’s ‘Sometimers’ is contagious!



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