Uncommon Sense Webcast – May 10, 2012

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1. Carrie Prejean Has Evolved – Bring Out Your Dead – David Gregory & Joe Biden – Evolving Concepts

2. One Second After – William R. Forstchen – Get Some Ensure! – Doomsday Prepping

3. Bill Nye, The Science Dope – Extinction By Flatulence – Elizabeth “Wahoo” Warren” – Scott Brown – Keith Judd – Prisoner #11593-051

4. James Carville – President Obama Finally Comes Out – What Are The Ramifications? – Suze Ormond, Donny Deutsch, Star Jones, Soledad O’Brien, Tony Perkins – A Final Word From James Carville

5. Billy Idol – President Obama Evolves – Chris Matthews & Martin Bashir – The Wolves Are Coming!!

6. More “Wahoo Warren” – Finishing Matthews & Bashir – Doug Phillips – Liberals Sacrifice Value For Freedom To Sin – What Will The Pillars Do Now?

7. Obama’s Faith Dictates His Position On Marriage (Then) – Obama Consults EXPERTS – Nancy Pelosi SPEAKS! – Excommunicate Someone, Already! – Robin Roberts Got A Chill

8. Dennis Miller Has A Rant – A Little On Robin Roberts – Shep ‘Shemp’ Smith – Shemp Is A Prophet! – Alan Keyes Has Something To Say

9. Piers Morgan & Clay Aiken Talk Silly – deceptively Written Amendment? – Mitt Makes It Clear – Final Thoughts – Banging On Lots Door

10. Ordering One Second After – A Paid Political Announcement From Keith Judd – Ted Turner Has A Plan – Ted Would Like To Teach The World To Sing – Real Social Justice – The Chinese Are Buying Banks

11. Michelle Malkin Smacks Down Juan Williams – Occupy Wall Street Thugs – Time Magazine Cover – Who’s Left To Guard The Gates?


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