Uncommon Sense Webcast – April 5, 2012

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1. WalMart & Coke – Jason Mattera Coming Up! – Ted Danson, How COULD You!?!? – Whoopie vs. Yoko

2. Soccer Is Taking Over, So Why Do We Still Suck At It? – The Breakdown Of The American Family – What Else Do We Suck At? – Our Best Bands vs. Theirs, Coming Up

3. Top 10 American Bands vs. Brit Bands – Special Guest Beelzabob – Best Bands, Best Performers & Best Guitarists – The Beatles Are Reforming!

4. Interview With Jason Mattera, Pt. #1 – Hollywood Hypocrites & More

5. Interview With Jason Mattera, Pt. #2 – Jason’s Getting Hitched – Andrew Breitbart – What’s Coming Up For Jason

6. Jason Mattera & John Kerry – Agent Zero Is Destroying Everything! – Obama Double Speak – More Double Speak – Our Strongest Allies & Heaviest Punchers

7. America & Soccer – President Obama Scolds SCOTUS – A Hypocritical Bee Farmer

8. Robin Williams On Soccer – Jerry Smith, A Federal Judge Who Gets It – Mitch McConnell Approves 60 Lenins, 60 Stalins, 60 Maos, 60 Castros – Judge Napolitano SPEAKS – Another Soccer Skit

9. SAVE THE SENATE..!! – Egypt – Muslim Brotherhood – Little Israel – Sign Gog Here, Please

10. Theological Segment – Who Is A Child Of God? – President Obama IS A Lousy Theologian – Some Very Important Passages

11. Ambush – Cleaner Can’t Do What Mattera Does – The Finger Poke Administration – Bill Ayers – Closing Thoughts – The Passion Of The Christ – I Am David – Ben Hur – Prelude Sends Us Home


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