Uncommon Show Webcast – March 8, 2012

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1. Bossy Parson – Machine Gun Preacher Story – Cleaner Loves Brother Full Service – Cleaner Won’t Click Over!

2. Car Talk – Cleaner’s Car – Epic Obama College Video FAIL

3. Coke Blather – Ronnie Montrose – Hulk Hogan Has A Video – The Duggars – President Obama Is Israel’s BFF

4. Talking Ron Paul – Hulk Hogan Got Married? – James Taylor Is President Obama’s Handyman

5. Montell Williams – CAFE Cable – Newt Gingrich Smacks Down David Gregory – ‘Good Christian B!#&%ES’ – GCB

6. Pierce Morgan & Kristen Chenoweth- Name For The Next Mega-Church – Kirk Cameron – Joe The Plumber

7. Deconstructing Pierce Morgan’s One String Guitar – The Gay Lifestyle Isn’t Will & Grace – If It Feels Right Do It

8. Ed Schultz SPEAKS – $11,000,000 Stimulus Helps Exactly 2 People – Probably The Detroit Gals! – Amanda Clayton – Ravi Zacharias SPEAKS! – Gone With The Wind

9. Jeff Sessions Vs. Leon Panetta – The Relevance Of The Constitution – The Loss Of Sovereignty Leads To The One World Government

10. Cleaner Cancels His Carbonite Subscription – Megyn Kelly & Kirsten Powers Talk Double Standards

11. The ‘Rev.’ Jim Wallis – Obama Talks What Our Nation Is – ‘Evacuation’ – 5 Great Movies Speaking To Totalitarianism – Congratulating Vladimir Putin – Pat Robertson Wants To Get High



  1. Artskoe /

    ’62 Chevy Nova convertible here. 6 cylinders and peppy. Crashed the front end so my dad took an old screen door, trimmed the metal crash bar and made a new grill out of it. Hated it!

    $49.95 paints any car! – E.S.

    Recently purchased a ’96 Eclipse Spyder GS convertible because they are building a new drive-in near downtown. I can’t afford it or 5 dollar-a-gallon gas but want a few rides in it before gas is banned and bullet trains are the norm. Freedom…

  2. Jeanette Ward /

    Careful brothers or I’ll sick the PMS Avenger on you. Grumpy Parson and time of the month indeed…

  3. Good show boys.

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