Uncommon Sense Webcast – September 29, 2011

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1. Why Are The Candidates Wailing On One Another? – Ron Paul Is Like The Phish Of Politics – Clips From The Recent Debate, Ron Paul

2. Barry Manilow Hearts Ron Paul – Gloria Estefan, Obama Supporter – Susan Sarandon – Ooops, Barry Manilow Hearts Barack Obama, And So Does Vince Vaughn – Oh Barry

3. The Ron Paul Connection To Les Paul – In Your FacePal & Ron Paul – RuPal

4. Who Is Mitt Romney – ‘Herb’ Cain vs. Bill Clinton – Socrates & The Brat – What Percentage Of The Black Vote Will Cain Pick Up?

5. How Does Congressional Black Caucus Think Of Herman Cain? – “Yes We Cannibas!” – Janeane Garafalo SPEAKS – Cain On CAIR & HAMAS

6. Michele Bachmann At The Debates – The Ethics Of President Obama – Cornell West Improvs

We apologize for the limited show today. Life events came up today that took us away from the normal course of things, we apologize and vow to make next week a keeper of a show. We hope you enjoy what we did get done!


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